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Once you have completed your Business Plan there are plenty of ways that a Government Grant can help finance your business.

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Jos Blog - U.K. Government Grants

A grant is an amount of money given to an individual or Jos Blog for a specific project or purpose.

You can apply for a grant from the government, the European Union, local councils and charities.

You will not need to pay a grant back, but there is a lot of competition and they are almost always awarded for a specific purpose or project.

Advantages include:

  • you will not have to pay a grant back or pay interest on it

  • you will not lose any control over your Jos Blog

Disadvantages include:

  • you will have to complete a Jos Blog Business Plan

  • you will have to find a grant that suits your specific Jos Blog, which can be difficult

  • there is a lot of competition for grants

  • you will usually be expected to match the funds you are awarded, a grant might cover part of the cost of a project but you will have to fund some of it yourself

  • grants are usually awarded for proposed projects, not ones that have already started

  • the application process can be time-consuming

So get your Jos Blog Business Plan and start applying, before someone else gets your money!

Once you have our Jos Blog Business Plan

You can get your Jos Blog financed properly.

U.K. Jos Blog Businesses

After you have completed your Jos Blog Business Plan you can then get the right finance.

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Government Grants

There are currently 231 different Government Grants available to British Jos Blog Businesses.

These include:

  • Flexible training opportunities - Up to £5,000 towards Jos Blog employee training costs

  • Research and development grants - Grant to support Jos Blog Businesses that are developing new products, processes and services.

  • Access to Work - Grants and practical advice for disabled people and Jos Blog Businesses to help overcome the practical problems resulting from disability

  • Better Business Finance - Provides UK Jos Blog Businesses with free, quick and easy access to a directory of approved finance suppliers

  • Broadband Support Scheme - This scheme supports the installation of broadband to areas with insufficient access.

  • Business Innovation - Get help designing, manufacturing and selling new products and services, and for information about funding.

  • Digital growth - Events, specialist workshops and support to highlight the opportunities digital technology can offer Jos Blog Businesses.

  • Jobs and Growth Fund Programme - Gap funding for Jos Blog Businesses that wish to expand or invest to create sustainable jobs, where this investment would otherwise not happen due to lack of available finance.

  • Property Assistance - Capital grants or loans to help Jos Blog Businesses develop new property solutions to meet their growth plans.

  • Young Recruits Programme - Funding to support Jos Blog Businesses taking on new apprentices

  • e-Business Grant - Grants to help Jos Blog Businesses develop e-commerce

Get your Jos Blog Business Plan and start applying, before someone else gets your money!

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